Thursday, September 29, 2016

Writing Process

     Lately, I've found myself struggling with my writing process. I've found that I spend more time fixing and correcting errors in the writing than I do writing itself. I guess spending time making sure everything reads well is important. But at times I feel I am losing the story itself in the technical process. I've been trying to identify the other aspects of identity which can make my story more appealing and working on building forward the idea instead of just doing grammatical fixes.
     But as time goes on; I find that more and more I feel detached from the very idea I'm trying to explore. I've had to take a step back these past few days and take a look at what I'm trying to do in order to develop a well written story and express the theme of identity without losing reality and creativity in the story; so that the story does not become stagnant.
     I have actually taken to setting up a wall in my room with plot ideas, character design, and story twists to keep myself on track with what I want to do with my work. I've also taken to writing out on paper with pencil instead of on computer. I've found that using a pencil and paper allows my mind to free itself more for writing then with a computer. I don't know. The feel of the pencil and writing on paper just makes the process comfortable and easier for me.
     I now find my self jotting down notes for the story on post-its and pieces of paper on my free time. On these notes I write ways to better the story and place more emphasis on the idea of identity for my character(s) and the book itself.

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