Thursday, September 29, 2016

Conflicting Ideas in Writing

     After writing for a while, I've come to realize that what hinders my writing process and the progression of the story is that I tend to diverge from the present writing. I push myself off the present project when ideas hit me when I am writing the current story. And I find myself focusing on writing the idea and about the idea which has just struck me. Instead of finishing the thought or story on which I am currently working.
     I ended up using a technique which I previously developed through my writing. Not only do I take the post-its and write ideas or thoughts about identity or the current story or them. But now I have taken to writing the ideas that jump out of me on them too. When I do this process; it allows me to jot down the come to mind ideas without disturbing the present writing. And I place the post-its on my wall of writing and come back to them later when I need further inspiration or information for my current writing project.
     Afterwards, I've found that the information I wrote down through the days, weeks, and moments have given rise to a plethora of great ideas or scenes which I can use in the current writing project. I just have to format them to the current idea. It takes a bit of editing. I take out what has nothing to do with the current idea. But I don't throw anything away. I simply put it aside because it may be useful or needed in another way or for later inspiration and rewritten to work or fit in the current story. 
     Amazingly, I've found myself developing strategies to facilitate my writing and story ideas like I never thought possible. It's because now I've started to realize what I want to do and what I should not do in order to keep myself on track. Therefore, I've developed techniques to keep those bad habits in check and improve my idea construction and story progression.   

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